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Yes I agree that starting them at home is the best bet. But my question is this, are you planting trees so that your grand children or perhaps your great grandchildren will enjoy them? If so then place the acorns in your freezer for a few days then plant them in warm moist not soaking wet soil in a peat pot type container. Set them in the sun and keep them moderately moist(again not wet). Plant them in early spring and once the seedlings begin to look like real trees (this could take several months) plant them as you indicated in the full sun and continue to keep them moist by watering every few days. Depending on the weather you could water as little as once a week for the first growing season. If all goes well after the first season, then you are on your way to enjoying the bounty of your efforts. Only catch is that it will take about 20 years give a take a couple years before you can begin to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
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