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Default Break Open - What Happened to the Omega?

Well most of you know I am not a fan of a Break Open - rifle or ML - trap shotgun OK...

But as I sit here I realize the Break Open is the way of most of the the people out there. Mainly I think as they are perceived as easy to clean....

But then I think about the different BO opens I have had - Triumph-Vision and the Optima that a friend has - none of those did I really like or care fore.

But I did have 3 different Omega's - if I were going to be saddled with a non-bolt rifle that rifle truly would have been my choice. In fact I really in away wish I had one still.

But anyway had TC chose to keep that in the line up today and they progressed the rifle to the modern standards of today with a tool-less BP and a real adjustable trigger and of course a true BH shooter - I really wonder where it might stack up.

No hinges to worry about a one piece solid stock for a shooting platform - gosh it was just a good rifle.

So why did TC drop that rifle?
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