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Velocity isn't the only consideration. Barrel twist rate combined with reduced velocity just may make the end results worse and not better.

I'm not going to say it won't work, I'm just saying the engineers spent a lot of time and energy developing combinations of velocity, bullet weight and twist rate that do work.

I spent hundreds of hours trying to improve .308 performance in one of my rifles. And eventually ended up right back where I started, following the manufactures recommendations.

I'm not saying the journey wasn't enjoyable, but in the end, basically a waste of time.

I've shot hundreds of Fox, the vast majority with a .308. Usually on a Deer hunt near the end of prime time. And have rarely messed up a pelt.

The vast majority were hole in, hole out.

Even with my .222 Remington. Pointed soft point bullets rarely expanded any in Fox, Nutria or even Hare.

The majority of my shots were just behind the shoulder, broad side. The next most common was down, starting near the backbone, shooting from the rear, bullet exiting between the front legs or low chest.

No exploded or severely damaged pelts I can remember.

I did explode one Fox using a buddies 30-06. He bounded just as I shot and I gut shot him. What a mess and one of the more unforgettable odors I can remember.

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