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I haven't hunted Kansas so I might not be getting the right picture of your spot.....If visibility is limited because of brush on the bench I would take the high side and work the edge slow to spot along the bench below me. If I understand the description there is a well defined run going along the bench which is their preferred way to cut through that bushy area. I would go higher in that case and try to view along the run up ahead.
I think you have it, but let me see if can add something for a better description. The bench is actually an old lane cut for running quarry equipment along the bluff of a big river. If you think of a trench cut into a hillside, then you have it. It's like walking down a trench about the width of a two lane highway, but one that has big boulders and is now brush choked.

It's actually a perpendicular cliff on the high side, so deer have to use the bench to travel. On the low side, the trench leaves a little cliff face about 20' high, but you can walk along its top and see down into trench.

Your advice is making sense. I should be on that 20' cliff face if possible.

I was hoping to make a diagram but it failed.

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