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Default Optic Clones..

Been a while since I posted on here.
Christmas is coming, and with it, Honest Deals and Scams.
Plz Members...
Make sure you double check, tripple check optics your purchasing online, never assume what your buying is what you get.
Zeiss, Leupold and many many other Brands makes and models are being Conterfieted, and people are getting sucked into bad purchases.
Even when Selliers are using the Word CLONES in the Add many buyers are paying over 500.00 for knockoff Zeiss Conquest Scopes, thinking it is a Spell Check Error.
Buyers are thinking they purchasing a Authentic Zeiss Conquest Line Model for 500 bucks, when in fact they are Chinesse Fakes one can find E Bay for 125.00.
Do your Research, check Websites, and if the price is too good to be true, it probably is.
Especially with Zeiss, if you see the Word Clone, It's a Clone not a Spellcheck error.
The Zeiss Conquest Line has changed drastically, they are no longer a Conquest Entry Level Scope and it's no longer priced that way.
Been that way for awhile, but people are missing the Conquests of the past not impresses with the Terra Line of now, and jumping on these Zeiss Clones optics huge, and paying much much more than they are worth.
Plz, make sure you really do your homework when shopping online this year
or do private sales, cause many Dishonest Sellers are finding Legal Loopholes
to take your a lot of money for Chinese junk.

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