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Originally Posted by rockport View Post
They will be grouped up and focused on food. The weather conditions could make it very much boom or bust.

Yes they will probably be pretty predictable. Whether they will put you in a prime situation I really don't know.

Just to clarify though I'm not talking about the deer being skittish were talking about Pike co.....the deer get hunted hard about everywhere. At the rate of 2-3 grand a week not many places are not getting hunting pressure.

What I'm talking about is the deer are dead. Come late season people have been rolling in and out of town for months looking for these giants and most of the locals are doing the same. That giant buck that strolls around in the food plots in the daylight is hanging on the rack in town at the taxidermy shop.

Don't get me wrong they are not all dead of course but the % is way down by then. A staggering number of nice bucks will fall over the next two weeks.

Pike county has the resources to produce a whole new crop of 140+ inch deer year after year BUT it can't replace the ones that were killed in Oct,Nov,and Dec by late Dec/January.
Makes perfect sense man. Appreciate the advice.
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