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Rifled slugs will lead foul your rifled barrel. There is a reason rifle bullets don't have rifling. The rifling in your barrel will shave lead off of rifled slugs leaving the shavings in your barrel.

Rifled slugs are not designed to spin in your barrel. The fins are designed so they will smash and fit through the smooth barrel.

If the slug is rifled the barrel shouldn't be rifled. If the barrel is rifled the slug shouldn't be rifled.

I don't see the big deal. After initial sight in the right slugs are not that expensive.

If you don't want the added expense of Sabot slugs why in the world would you pay the extra money for a barrel that is designed to shoot them?

Ive never seen a rifled barrel shoot a rifled slug like my gun will shoot a sabot

There is no "best slug" only a best slug for a specific gun. Mine happens to be Remington accutips a couple guys I shoot with who have the same gun......theirs prefer Hornady sst

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