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I am more than happy with Remington 3" Mag Sluggers. Tried a variety and always go back to these. Even the Remington High Velocity version didn't shot well for me. Disappointed with Winchester Rack Master too. Use your loosest choke. Cylinder or Improved Cylinder at best. Once you go to Modified or Full (which you shouldn't), then the significantly throws out the aim. I think it shaves some lead off and flings it to a new angle. At 75 yards a Modified choke would make it shoot greater than 1 foot groups. With improved choke I get 2 to 3 inch groups consistently at 100 yards. Basic Remington 3" Mag Sluggers so far is the only brand my gun shoots good groups. I do have a shotgun scope on the gun. Buy several boxes when on sale, barely a buck a shot. Never lost a deer with them. Twice I hit the heart at 110 yards (right where I was aiming). Hit them in the heart many times at shorter ranges too. All other brands including High Velocity Remington Sluggers have disappointing groups in my gun. Try a box of each and see what works for you. Just don't use them all on the same weekend.
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