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I'm right here..I still bass fish alot..I have a nice venison roast slow cooking right now..and just returned from a trip to MD. I hate new things like rental cars and stuff but the trip was very simple..Both airports {Tampa and Philly } were very helpful.Round trip ticket was 97.00 and the rental car was easy as going to the mailbox..90.00 for 3 days..The Jetta only used 14.00 in gas. This is a very nice forum. I've learned a lot of good hunting info on here...and have met quite a few of ya. I used to argue terribly with one guy on here about religion..BUT after I drove 16 hours to meet him and hunt on his farm..he cried when I left. We are still best of friends..This key board does not always do justly in getting to know someone..When I'm one on one with's easy to read the body language and change the conversation etc.etc. The key board alone is kind of tough..I purposely would never want to offend anyone..

When I write the religious post ..I'm writing to the 1% ..that may check out what I say to see how legit it is..That is the correct responce..BUT i understand the mild and the hardened..I use to hang with a biker group in MD called the Pagans for about 5 years..So I've seen both extremes. I wasn't a participator of the violent I've never had a heart for violence..I just accidently slipped in the group because of a friend I knew in the Boy Scouts..I did not look these guys up when in MD..I'd probably gotten shot.

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