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Mouse, you asked why is it the feds business. It isn't along with a miriad of other parts of our lives they stick their long pointednose into. The federal government is far too large, there are far too many people with nothing to do. How does the government solve their overpopulation problem? Does it make itself smaller? No, of course not, it creates busy work to make it appear it is actually doing something other thsn simply burning taxpayers money. Until "we the people" stand up and be counted and demand a smaller, less intrusive government this will continue. We can stop it, if we have the guts.

We should have taxpayers take to the streets days, it works in the areas of the country that suck up tax money instead of contribute, they get what they want, of course they burn half the town down and steal the other half in the process but they always get what they want. Of course I am not suggesting we burn and steal but we can by God, get the attention of the politicians because we provide the money they have a good time buying votes with! If only Americans still had the guts to demand their liberties.

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