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I know what it means and how it is used Top, I just think calling a baby illegitimate is bad form. Why isn't the insulting word used against the to describe the people who created the baby instead of the baby? Normally stuff like that doesn't bother me but this does. I know Sachi was talking about herself but that is probably because that word is in common use to describe an out of wedlock birth. It may be nitpicking but I see little difference between calling a child illegitimate and calling them the B word for the same thing. The use of N word used used to be normal and accepted in much of the country, use it now and you will be castigated. I don't believe anyone could truthfully call me an over sensitive person or even a sensitive person, but I find it insulting to a person who had not a thing to do with being born and then is labled with an insulting description. Not trying to start an argument, I just think we can do better.

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