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Originally Posted by flags View Post
Murder? No. Manslaughter? Yes.
In most places in order to find someone guilty of murder, especially first degree murder some sort of intent has to be proven. I don't believe San Fran had any intent or desire for this lady to get killed. But they definitely contributed to it and I think manslaughter would apply here. Maybe on of the lawyers on the forum will chime in.

I know if that gal was in my family I'd sue for $10 Mil for each instance in which this clown had been arrested and not deported and I've give any settlement money to a charity outside the state of CA. Maybe I'd give it to AZ or TX to help them combat illegal aliens along the southern border.
I posted earlier my husband's comments on the thread heading.

I'll repost his comments.

I am acting as my husband's voice here.

You can't sue someone for murder. Murder is a crime, a specific intent crime.

Their cause of action would likely be Wrongful Death, in that, were it not for the grossly negligent actions of city actors, the victim would not have died. You would claim that the officials involved, given the perpetrators record, knew, or should have known, that he was dangerous and likely to offend again.
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