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Originally Posted by AF Hunter View Post
1. Had the tax payers not been open to the policy of not turning over illegals to ICE the ordinance would not have passed;
2. Had the county attorney followed the law and notified ICE, he would not have been on the streets; and
3. Had the police department followed the law instead of the city policy which is in violation of federal law, he would not have been on the streets.

Pretty easy to see that public opinion helped make the policy that violated Kate Steinle's human and civil rights in favor of harboring criminals (yes, illegal aliens are criminals).
Sorry, but I disagree with your premise! How do you know that the majority of citizens, whether they were Libs or not, even knew about the policies and allowed them to exist until something like this happened? Answer---You don't! If citizens knew of many of the policies that are in existence like you're talking about, then I'd be 100% in your camp. How did you find about the policies? I'd bet if you answer truthfully you will say it was brought to everyone's attention after this case was made public by the media.

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