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Default Is San Francisco Guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Murder?

Kate Steinle and her father were on pier 14 in San Francisco minding their own business when a shot rang out leaving Kate dying in her father’s arms. She had done nothing to deserve to be murdered other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The murderer, Juan Lopez-Sanchez, had been deported five times already and was on probation in Texas, had just gotten out of jail. He had been picked up by ICE agents from the federal prison and would have been deported had there not been drug charges pending in San Francisco, so they turned him over to San Francisco deputies and asked to be notified before he was released.

But you see, San Francisco has a policy NOT to notify ICE when an illegal immigrant is about to be released. The dropped the charges in March and held him until April to make sure there were not other criminal charges on him anywhere else. Having satisfied there were no other criminal charges, on April 15th, without notifying anyone, they released Lopez-Sanchez, a SEVEN TIME CONVICTED FELON to the streets. By not handing him over to federal authorities, San Francisco became a conspirator to any crimes Lopez-Sanchez committed in the future.

What he did between April 15th and July 1st, who knows. What we do know is he acquired a handgun (felony), went to pier 14 and shot the 31 year old Kate Steinle (another felony). As she lay dying in her father’s arms, she told him that she didn’t feel very good before passing away.

Now, Lopez-Sanchez sits in jail again for felonies eight and nine. Kate’s parents, having their daughter violently ripped from their lives are left with dealing with the irresponsible decision made by the city of San Francisco. Knowing that Lopez-Sanchez was in this country illegally they made the decision to release him and thereby are responsible for his actions after release.

I am not one who promotes litigious actions in what has become a litigious nation, in this case am making an exception to my own values. I think Kate’s parents need to sue the city administration, the county attorney’s office, and the sheriff’s department for everything they have. The city, through their negligence, needs to learn their lesson in the only way that will get their attention; through the pocketbook.

And yes, in my opinion, they are guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.
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