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I just saw a "sale" notification for Foxpro Spitfires at Cabelas again, for $179.99 this time. I'm betting we'll see some REALLY good sales on them within the next year again, since they're 3yrs discontinued this summer, and its replacement - the Wildfire II - is now getting phased out too.

The FoxPro Inferno at the $199 price point is a fantastic deal. It's basically a "Gen 3 Spitfire," with a 3rd generation remote, Foxbang, and over 6 times as many call sounds as the Spitfire originally came with, and over twice as many as the Wildfire (the Spitfire Gen 2)!!!

Comparatively, since Cabelas and other retailers are still choking on Spitfires, let alone all of their current inventory of Wildfire II's, I'll give the advice - unless you find a Spitfire for $100-120, or a Wildfire for under $140, then save your money and wait until the Inferno is on the shelves! The Foxbang feature slams the door on the Spitfires, and the additional sounds on the Inferno make up over a $70 value over the Wildfire II - let alone having a slightly better featured remote.
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