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It isn't the appropriate forum (Small Game) but I'm not sure there is an exact fit in a forum. I've moved this topic to the Off Season forum as it's kind of a catch-all forum for everything else non-hunting (except politics) and it tends to fit this forum better than any other forum. In this forum, you should get more exposure and a lot more responses as it's one of the main forums and has a wide variety of people with experience in recovering after getting banged up, etc. Not saying these guys are old
but a lot of them do push the envelope and have an occasional injury to recuperate from.

On a side note, as Topgun put it, have your dad follow his doc's advice and don't overdo or under-do the recovery. I would think he'd be shipshape well before a year is up and should have built his stamina back up to chase beagles and hares by then.
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