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Originally Posted by LBR View Post
Blueberries are starting to ripen on the big bushes...whoo-hoo! Sprayed the japanese beetles again I hate those bugs. Doesn't seem to be as many this year as the last two...maybe I'm making a dent in the population. Watching the blackberries, waiting on them to get ripe. If they make it, looks to be a great grape harvest this year.
I have two blueberry bushs behind my house.
One is growing big, the other is short.
The short one had a lot getting ripe, I let my dogs out the back door, and they ran the neighbors chickens out frm the blueberries.
And the had eaten all the blueberries off the short bush.
One of them came back yesterday, and the dogs chased it around the house, it won't be eating any more blueberries.
They also ate all of my almost ripe strawberries about a week ago.
The rest of the garden is starting to grow some.
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