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I've seen a lot of guys mount theirs on a plate cut from a large birch tree. The guy who cut my mounting plates knew his wood, none have ever cracked. I've seen them wired on, one long screw through the skull or glued.

I trim off as much meat as practical and simmer it outside in a big aluminum pot, keeping the Rose, the Burr or base of the antlers (whatever you call it) out of the water. I had the Rose or base of the antlers partially dissolve once and discolor, I learned. I keep checking the water level and flaking the meat off. After a couple few hours you can use a screwdriver to start working the brains out. Getting the brains and nerves or whatever out of the sinus cavities can be interesting. You get in a rhythm after awhile, read the newspaper, check the head, watch the news, check the head.

The biggest trick is keeping the very end of the nose (cartilage) intact or as much as practical. Timing is important.

I think some discoloration is OK, I don't try for that white on white look, but I do use some peroxide. It is going to yellow some with age anyway.

I also keep the bottom jaw and glue it on the skull. Just because I like the look.

I tried doing it in the house a couple of times, the smell of simmering brains upset the wife some.
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