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I guess the "stock" answer or thought would be is there enough interest to justify a main forum versus a sub-forum. I wouldn't know either way as I'm not involved with the program although I am interested.

Having said that, from my experience with small game, varmint and small game calibers and in the process of getting an Airgun Hunting forum established, my honest opinion is to establish it as a main forum within the Archery forum. First off, it will be much easier for people to find on any search. 2nd, you will get traffic from people just viewing the main forum title page that you would simply not get if you placed it in a sub-forum or lower. And last, it sends a clear message that NASP and the youth archery program is IMPORTANT to HuntingNet--Probably one of the most important reasons for doing so.

HuntingNet absolutely needs to attract younger hunters, target shooters (both archery and gun) and just about any youth program that is compatible with our various sports. We offer a unique place for NASP archery shooters to "browse" and find out about other shooting and hunting sports that they wouldn't necessarily find out about on a NASP-only or archery-only website. Also, it gives some of older hunters an opportunity to "browse" through a young program and perhaps get involved and give more back to the younger generations. It would be a win-win for HuntingNet, NASP, our members and of course the youth. JMHO of course but I always like to analyze these things and look ahead to the potential benefits, etc. for HN, hunters and our youth.
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