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Originally Posted by NeverWill View Post
Sounds like the way people view the GOP and keep voting for them.
there you go again. May I remind you, who used the IRS, FBI, OSHA and federal prosecutors against their political enemies? That was obama. Who purposefully accepted foreign donations for their election campaign? That was Obama and the FEC fined them after the fact. Who got caught fundraising in a Buddhist temple and then declared "there is no controlling legal authority? That was Al Gore.

Once again, proven to be very ignorant of the facts in order to hold onto your political ideology.

No matter how wrong and immoral they perform and behave they keep on rooting for them.
see above statement.

To me the whole Patriots thing doesn't matter. I hold he NFL on the same stage as watching any other TV entertainment program. Heck, watching FOX news can be just as entertaining and morally equal.
lol, once again, please refer back to the poster's proven ignorance around this forum.
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