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Typical Buck
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High 120s, "maybe 130", he's got great length on g2-3s but his brow tines & mass are lacking. That buck CANNOT be 6-7yrs old. I've killed two 7yr olds, a 154" 14pt in southern MO & a 130" 8 in south TX. Once they get that old they look like little old men in a big mans clothes... their skeletal frame shrinks but their skin doesn't shrink so it is saggy & mis-shaped nearly everywhere. Their hips & shoulders are much more "squared" & visible as is their ribs & spinal column. Same goes for their necks, they look like old men with thin necks in a button up shirt with a collar that hangs all around them. Old bucks like that will likewise have MASS & many times will develop blades, stickers, stubbed off points/beam tips etc... Their faces likewise sink-in & their noses usually appear thicker & sometimes odd shaped.

I think that buck is only 3-4yrs old. A nice 8 none the less, but not yet fully grown! Be careful with rear/quartering away angles, they ALWAYS make a buck appear considerably larger!

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