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Well, I hit a late season rut this week but couldn't connect. Walking up the the stand on the ridge I kicked up a mature shooter heavy with a split g2. Waited a bit to see where he would go. Then once I waited 25 min, I went up to the field edge.

Got to where I could see the field in front of the stand, there were 4 does. I hid about 100 yards away behind a big tree. Then a big 9 that I've had on cam appeared. I watched him dog a doe for 20 min and chased her all over hell below the stand I wanted to go to but he never gave me a shot.

Went back the next night and had 15 doe and 4 bucks come out to the field. 2 bucks sparred a lil while one made a rub on a tree for 6 min.

Nothing worth shooting that night. Probably done for the season now.

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