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Default Trail camera stats

I got invited to hunt on a farm about a month ahead of gun season (peak of rut here in MD). Not enough time to glass fields in the evening and walk edges mid-day, so I bought my first trail camera. Set it out about a week before opening day, and, evidently I liked that spot much more than the deer did. Re-set it on Dec 4 (during 1st week of season, which closed on the 13th), and downloaded the card today. Muzzleloader season starts up on the 20th.
So, what do you guys like to see this time of year as far as proportion of encounters during shooting hours vs. non-shooting hours. For example, over the past 8 days, I had pictures from 20 encounters and 9 of those were during shooting hours (usually last half hour of day). It's actually a good mixture of bucks and does that were passing the camera during shooting hours. Only three pics taken in AM, two of those were this morning.
Any other things to pay attention to?
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