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I was in camp the 2 days you were there, out of 5 you were booked for. You expected to be handed a buck in your lap. It was a rut hunt. That can sometimes be feast or famine. You had no idea on how to bow hunt, rattle or call. Your expectations were not going to be met unless you shot a monster buck in the first half hour you hunted. Your friend on the trip with you had absolutely no problems on how his hunt was progressing and you spoiled it for him. You had no patience. You are afraid of heights, which you did not inform the guides of. From what you said you were on your phone while on stand. You actually said you had a shot at a buck when you had to cut your phone call short so you could shoot. You also trespassed onto the neighbors properties and sat in some of their stands after we were all specifically told to stay in your stand and to notify the guides when we wanted to come out for a break. Luckily you were not caught and issued a fine by the Sheriffs Dept. There is no guarantee of a buck on these guided hunts but everything is done to get an opportunity to harvest a big buck. Guides cannot control your shooting ability, your scent control, which you had none of, your shot placement or skill level as a hunter. I have hunted with Cory for several years and the guides were not hunting while you were there. They did make trips to other farms to check trail cameras to stay on top of the action to get hunters in the best spots based on the wind. As far as accommodations you and you friend had your own private room. The place is not a barn. It is actually a very comfortable setting to feel at home. Granted its not five star but I am there to hunt, not be pampered, and to be part of the hunting camp atmosphere with camaraderie, stories, joking around and a little ribbing when needed. It's to bad you felt like you were given a raw deal but don't blame anyone but yourself on that hunt.
Sorry but "You" missed the boat on all three.
Learn from "Your" mistakes and good luck in your future hunts!
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