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Default OHIO/MIDWEST Newbie to late season hunting. help?

Im kind of new to deer hunting and got my first one tuesday morning. Now a little background on the property i hunt. Private owned, probably 200 acres of woods with fields in the middle of each set of woods and a creek running throughout the whole property. I currently have a stand setup about 250 yards north of an old logging trail that has overgrown, but the deer still travel on it. There are scrapes and rubs all over down the whole trail, then it opens up a little more in the woods so i have some shooting lanes. To my right about 75 yards is the creek and in front of me about 75 yards is an open field. Back behind me is the old logging trail and behind it [where it begins] is a dirt road through the woods so farm equipment can get to the fields. On the other side of the dirt road is a small set of woods where a group of about 6 doe bed, but there is barely any rubs or scrapesd. I think they stay in this area because across the open field is another field that has corn still in it. I was wanting to know if scents and calls are atill effective in the winter? I was also wanting to know if the deer are aware of my stand and if i should ground hunt about 50 yards in the thick away from that logging trail? What are their behaviors this type of year and give me all the info you can figure on my situation. Thanks!
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