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Originally Posted by bikerman9967 View Post
Hard to get any answers on here hence posting in 2 different places
Seems to me that you got your answer in the big game forum. Nobody has admitted to hunting with them but based on the info on their web site I'd avoid them and I told you why on the other forum. Besides, Top is correct when he says multiple postings of the same thing are not allowed on this forum. Check the forum rules if you don't believe him.

However it would be remiss of me to not state that I don't believe in outfitters in the first place. I've hunted 13 states and willing used one an any of those states. The only times I have used any sort of outfitter is where it is required by law (Canada and Africa). When I get to the point that I need an outfitter to lead me around and show me game, I'll hang up the rifle.

But to each his own. If you want to stroke that guy a check, have at it.
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