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Hey guys, update here...had the 1st week of Nov off, around the 5th things started heating up. Seen lots of younger ones, seen chasing and seeking, Thursday the 6th I was sitting in the tree and had 5 Doe come in under me, as getting ready to take one and they looked behind them, so I waited and sure nuff a nice Buck came in, wasn't very far outside the ears but stood about 20 "plus off the head, 8 pt,one of those "straight-forward" kinda Racks, watched him survey all the doe's and finally he chase one and went after her...the other 4 Doe stood and watched as the Buck chased the Doe , *Grunt, Grunt, Grunt* and the Doe running, azz to the ground looking behind her at him, this went on for over 5 minutes no further than 35 yds away, never had a shot...finally the Doe came in behind ,e, I knew I had a lane so I turned, waiting for her to come into my lane, as I knew he wasn't far behind, she would move and stop, he would move and she reached my lane and crossed, he reached the edge of my lane and stopped, behind a tree...I went full draw and held, waiting for him to step out....then....*thunk* as I watched my peep tube dangling in front of my eye..... I felt I had held position fairly well, it was a 35yd shot so I held, he stepped, I released......low, and he scampered about 10 yds but was locked in with the Doe, who hadn't moved....adrenaline pumping and the thoughts going through my head of whether or not to knock another sharp stick, as I watched him begin his pursuit again, right in front of me....common sense and my ethical side got the better of me....I didn't want to miss, or worse, wound him with a poor shot. So...I sat down, broke out my lighter and proceeded to hook my Tube back up and watch him chase her crossed the woods and into the corn. I can say that it wasn't the biggest Buck in the woods, but it was the perfect Buck for me and although I didn't get the end result, I watched 10 minutes of the best thing I have ever seen in the woods at no further than 35 yds. I can only hope that he caught her and in the next few years that gene pool will be in my sights. I am not done yet, I will hunt until I cant hunt anymore.
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