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Originally Posted by vapahunter View Post
Dogs will not stay on just one property or not go on yours. Also some dog owners let there dogs out during non firearms season to "hunt foxes". There is no season that dogs are not out and about. If some dog owners now their are trophy deer on another property they will make sure their dogs run through that area. As I say some dog owners. Many will try to respect your property and try to keep their dogs on their own property but their are some who will give all dog owners a bad name

Good luck on your efforts
Yes, your right. Like i previously mentioned in a nutshell, there is really nothing you can do about running dogs. However, working in cooperation with the neighboring hunters/landowners is best if possible. Whether dogs run your property profusely or not, an increase in trophy animals and better habitat will make for better hunting. Mature whitetails didn't get that way by being stupid, It would not be smart to assume a trophy whitetail you produced will be killed this season just because of dogs running your property.
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