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Default Catholic Church Lists Climate Change As No. 1 Pro-life Issue

I Didnt realize they where so involved in the man made climate change issue & spreading that message( they been watching cosmos 3?).

So millions of humans have been aborted(killed by choice( except places like china- how many there alone?)- whats the worse case expected outcome of manmade global warming?(besides longer growing seasons, ,more crops in norther lattatuides, less money & energy needed to heat homes? ) But i guess if all natural disasters are now claimed to be man made( as seems to be the trend-) Guess those to will be controled along with the global climate hmm http://www.designntrend.com/articles...life-issue.htm

From the same site- Science( maybe its just me or how its written- seems abit odd)

Climate Change Is Not Uniform And Leads To Warming And Cooling Of Planethttp://www.designntrend.com/articles/13534/20140505/climate-change-is-not-uniform-and-leads-to-warming-and-cooling-of-planet.htm
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