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Cal the big red letters were so it could be seen as something I posted, and added to yours. and not a continuance of yours.

It was more of a attempt at humor as much as an observation, of the guy on the bridge/overpass. A duh moment, maybe someone said hay lay down there and look like you are aiming at something, and He said duh ok, how does this look? Because like you said I did notice his aim was, maybe a little high there. The gun a little level for an elevated position. His head appears to be just a bit high above the sights as well. Eyes a little higher than the rear sight, more like look over the sights over and down the barrel. Like you said we can not see what he sees down the sights. That is why my opinion is it may be more of a duh photo opportunity, making me think he was more pointing a gun in an unsafe direction, for the picture, than actually aiming at anything Duh don't this look cool? But at least he did not have a finger on the trigger.

The other guy who was standing, another posed picture opportunity. Duh does this look cool or what. Some of us are leaning to the or what, were you thinking opinion. So to me it looks like maybe both where posed photo opportunities, duh how does this look, looks good, this should get a million hits on u tube or something, ain't that cool, duh yeah. But even in their Duh moments none of them had a finger on a trigger.

The officer pointing the rifle at the driver, just saying we don't know what he saw in the car. And may be in the instant that picture was taken the Officer on the other side had not reacted yet. Just In my mind there must have been some reason we can not see for that posture. May be not, but I tend to have a little more faith in LE than to do such a thing with cameras everywhere.

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