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Originally Posted by bronko22000 View Post
That sounds a bit sarcastic and isn't even worth commenting on. But just FYI I am not a newbie. I have been reloading since 1965. In my 30s I shot many NRA sanctioned matches back in the 80s including nationals where I was in the top 50. And I was probably using mixed brass then too.
Do what you want and I will continue to do what I want.
and stating that you can use any brass, bullet, primer as long as its under max in the book, is setting yourself up for failure, because all you lose is accuracy. why even hunt then? why risk being one of those stories when a hunter has a deer get away wounded, yet exclaim you aimed right behind the shoulder so that's where it had to been hit when all you lose is accuracy? any reloader who takes those kind of shortcuts (especialy when they have the experience you claim to have) should not be posting about it on public forums teaching new reloaders that being lazy with load development is ok. Just my opinion.
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