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Originally Posted by Gunplummer View Post
When Alt was the "Bear Guy", just what did he do? What a bunch of crap. I used to hear that all the time and then when I asked just what he did for PA bears, nobody knew. The only thing I saw come out of his work was a bear stamp. He just got lucky and rode the bear population explosion. Over where I am at the bear were spilling over from Jersey.
I can't say what he did, but when he took over as the BEAR MAN in the early 70"s there were very little Bears to hunt. By the 80's Hunters were able to start hunting for Bears with a limit on the tags sold. By the 90's the Bear numbers started to go way up. We now have Bears in just about every county in the state. We also have some of the biggest Black Bears in the country. Did G.Alt have anything to do with the Bear population in PA? I would think he did. I ran into him a few times in Pike county. He was traping Bears near my Camp [Delaware State Forrest} . He was a bit of a Flake.

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