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Originally Posted by vapahunter View Post
Anybody who truely knows what transpired to get the current law passed knows that this was the best compromise at the time. The only fools are those who hid behind the scenes and are now calling people names when they intend to leave the state anyway. Complaining about it while not getting involved at the deck plate levels only shows that some let others do their work for them.

Half victories turn into full victories which turn into won wars Any true leader knows that. And they support and praise those who at least made the effort and accomplished something instead of complaining about partial success. Good luck in your new location.
vapahunter.... Your EXACTLY RIGHT.... Many of us Virginia hunters fought hard to get Sunday Hunting passed....
Even if it's only on private property it a BIG WIN for ALL hunters in Virginia.....
And in a year or two when the general public sees that the world didn't end because people are hunting on Sundays ALL Virginia hunters will have the right to hunt on Sundays on private and public lands....
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