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BC has some really good spring bear hunting. Bait and dogs not allowed so it is all spot and stalk. These 2 came from BC in a spring hunt. The chocolate bear (taken by my late father) squared 7'1" and the black ( taken by me) squared 6'11". Don't know what they weighed but they were over 300 each which is good for a spring bear. One thing about spring bear is the coats are really good if they just come out of the den. Neither of these bear were rubbed at all and both tanned out really good. Autumn bear, based on my experience will be heavier since they have been feeding all summer, will be better eating but the hides normally won't be as good. In the spring, concentrate on fresh grass and foliage and in the fall concentrate on things like acorns, berries and nuts since they bear are racking up calories.

I used to hunt spring bear in CO. We took quite a few but they were normally about 200 lbs and a lot of them were kind of cinnamon colored. I'll see if I can find a pic of them. Unfortunately, the bunny huggers that moved in from CA were successful in ending CO's spring hunt in 1992. Fall hunting in CO can be good. They hit the scrub oak for acorns and also the fruit orchards. Often if someone owns an orchard they will allow bear hunting since the bruins mess up the trees and they grow a lot of peaches, pears and cherries in some areas on the western slope.

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