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7mm gets my vote. It will handle Moose and any other North american critter. You can get reduced recoil rounds as stated. My GF who weighs 120 lbs shoots my 7mm mag at the range but can only shoot about 5 shots without the lead sled before shes about had enough but thats with the heavy magnum hunting loads. You can always practice with light loads that switch to heavy loads for huntng because in the field you only need 1 shot. The bullet out of a 7mm is fast, flat, and carrys a lot of energy. Not to mention finding ammo for it is easy not much more you can ask for. One thing to consider is what type of game is going to most hunted if Elk a 270 might be on the lighter side but still capable. If deer and antelope are main quarry then the 270 may be better.

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