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In my opinion Illinois should look to Iowa for some tips on managing Our Deer herd. Anymore, Illinois just sells our Deer herd to the highest bidder, whether that be outfitters/non-residents or the insurance companies. I would like to see much tighter control on the number of non-resident permits available, and the frequency that non-residents can get permits. Say, no more than every third or every other year. Also, i would like to see the IDNR bring back in-person check stations. I think there are way more deer being killed and never accounted for than IDNR is willing to admit because they basically use the honor system with the call in checking. The worst thing to ever happen to Deer hunting in Illinois was gaining the reputation of having monster bucks behind every tree. Throw in our previous Governor's penchant for raping the IDNR budget to buy votes in Chicago and it is easy to see why Deer hunting is in the toilet here in Illinois. Personally, I don't expect things to get better here any time soon.
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