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Default .40 s&w glock or .357 mag ruger v.....hiking defense against bear

I plan on hiking the mountains of Northern NY (Clinton County next to the Canadian boarder) to get in better shape in the spring time.

I have a block semi auto in .40 cal S and W. I also have a pair of .357 Rugers Vaquero single action revolvers.

The bears in my area mostly go 180 pounds but there are some approaching 400 pounds. I don't expect a bear encounter but I'd like to have something more than a knife to protect myself.

I don't reload so the ammo will have to be factory.

I am a very good shot with the revolver.....hitting the bar code at 40 yards on a soup can is no problem. I am not such a good shot with the 40 but I can at least hit a pie tin at 40 yards.

Which would you carry if you were me. Please keep discussion between these two fire arms b/c money is tight and I don't have the extra cash for something bigger.
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