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this was my first time to try a food plot. the deer found the turnips very appealing and are eating the big green tops. however, they are not touching our corn feeders now as their are acorns on the ground. once they are gone or rotten, the deer will hit the feeders again and the turnips even more than they are now. its like a supply and demand thing now. they prefer acorns over most anything here in arkansas i have found. give it time for your plots to turn on. i would rather have them hit em later as most hunters will be out of the woods and the deer may establish a pattern of feeding on them. also try putting up a trail camera to see if anything is using them. but, if you really want to know then you should put a utilization cage on the plot in a couple areas. this is like a big round bale of wire so the deer can' t eat whats inside of it. hope this helps. my clover plots are not doing well. i am planning on taking a ph of the soil and planting again this spring once i open the roadways up for more sunlight to hit them.
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