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Originally Posted by ranben View Post
I booked a hunting trip in 2013 with richs hunting adventures for a Saskatchewan rifle hunt. I was going alone and Rich told me i can go with him so I went the same week Richie Botta went this is the first time I met this gentleman . After booking the hunt we decided to meet up in Saskatoon where we would rent a vehicle . well Rich had a vehicle rented already and let me hop in his truck for free which I thought was a very nice gesture he took Me to the hunting camp he tagged out on a nice buck on the second day and waited for me to tag out on the fourth day I harvested a nice 140inch buck. We then left for the airport on the fifth day . I had a really great experience hunting with richs hunting adventures !! feel free to contact me with any questions at [email protected] . I will definitely be hunting in Saskatchewan again in the 2014.
LMAO...We do have some very entertaining people posting here. OK OK I'll play along.....What was the name of the outfitter and post up some pictures of yourself with the deer and while you're at it post up some pictures of yourself with your new friend.

Sorry man, I can't actually believe that this guy Rich would be so dumb as to really think everyone wouldn't think it was him posting...It's gotta be a member doing it for a laugh, gotta be. lol

my wife wants to know why I'm actually laughing out loud
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