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Default A couple questions on lease rules for deer hunting....

We have a small ranch in south Texas and we are starting to have a couple more people come out than have in the past. We have two blinds, four feeders, two tripods, and two brush blinds setup throughout the property. Looking at the game cam, we have had a lot of hogs and a good amount (6-8) doe coming out every morning and evening. Recently there have been some changes and what I feel are errors made at the ranch by one of the people going out to the ranch that has since caused the animals to stop coming out for the past week.

So that leads me to making some rules that will govern people at the ranch. I'll start with some questions and ask what an educated hunter's opinion on these things. I'm not a lifelong hunter and am more of a noob so any input is appreciated.

1. If someone were to kill a hog or deer and gut/clean the animal within 10 yards of the feeder and leave all the guts there, would that effect animals coming out for the immediate future?
2. Would making changes to the immediate area of the feeder cause them to stop coming out? Things like adding a tripod, moving the location of the tripod, etc.
3. One of the guys that comes out brings his tracking dog out with him. And when he's walking the land, his dog (a female dog) is just running all over the place leaving her scent everywhere, including in the immediate area of the feeders. Is this a huge no no?

Proposed Solutions:
1. No dogs allowed roaming on the hunting grounds between September 1st and February 1st. At the campsite area is fine.
2. No adds/moves/changes to feeders, blinds, or stands between September 1st and February 1st.
3. All cleaning and gutting of all animals must be done at the camp site. The remains are to be thrown on the other side of the fence next to the tractor by the house.

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