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Originally Posted by leo new View Post
any of you guys ever make/buy/use emergency escape rope/prusik ladders for your climbing tree stands?? possibly with with 550 cord??
not to catch your weight if you fell. the safety harness will hopefully do that. just as a back up way down, an emergency exit.
do any of you leave rope ladders on your climbers or anything like that???

is there something obvious that im missing??? it seems like something like that would be standard issue with new climbing tree stands, you should get one 30 foot "free emergency exit" with the "free catch harness" they give you.

one more thing and i'll stop... whats with including catch harnesses with brand name, brand new, tree stands that cut blood flow and kill you just as dead as the fall would??? all "free catch harnesses" should be vest style, you can hang in one of those till you die of thirst. it's like having a seat belt that kills you 6 hours after you survive wrecking the car...
I carry a Summit Tree Descender with me. A rope like you are talking about would be a pretty good idea.

There are also a lot of "standard" harnesses that are much better than the vest style harnesses. There used to be a video comparing one of the HSS vest style harnesses to the Summit SOP harness. The HSS was a real pain to the ol' family jewels, if you get my drift!
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