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Default 8pt 11-13-13 Wakefield,VA

Got a late start to my afternoon hunt but it worked out great. I left work at 1:30 to make the 1hr 15min drive to my clubs land in wakefield. I had my 9yr old son with me hoping to get a shot at a nice buck. We get to the farm and my dad was picking beans and my son decided he wanted to ride along instead of sitting in the cold. It was 41 at 3:15 when we arrived and thats not including the wind chill. I couldnt blame him for wanting to stay warm. Well i leave him with my dad and i head to the field i was going to be hunting which was about 800yds away. Once i get there and get dressed and ready i set my decoy up and climb a tree, i look out in the field and it was exactly 4pm, there was a 4pt coming out the woods across the field, 293yds away. He was walking along the edge of the woods and field making scrapes all over. After a few minutes my stupid decoy falls over from a nasty gust of wind and the small buck began to run across the field towards me. He ran to 4 does that had just came out at the same time. Its now about 4:30 and small bucks from spikes to small 8's are coming to the field. At 4:55'ish i see a nice buck over 300yds away and now the wind has basically quit and i bang the horns together and start grunting and he came running. So did a nice and old 6pt that was almost completely grey, he came from behind me, and went straight to the field. I sat and watched to see what the bucks were going to do, but once the big 8 stepped into a shooting lane i shot and he fell in a pile and didnt move. The big old 6 jumped back into the woods and all the does ran off. A decent 8pt actually came running from across the field and ran right to my buck and puffed up and was grunting at my buck and tried to fight him. After a few minutes he ran off. Its now about 5-5:10 and more bucks were coming back into the field. I called my dad to tell him what happened and to get him and my son to come see the deer. Biggest buck i've shot in my 20yrs of hunting.
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