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I almost arrowed a giant Monday evening. It was 6:15 and I saw a deer coming from my left. I immediately got ready. Everything was perfect. He was heading right towards my shooting lane, the wind was out of the south, and he was coming from the east. This deer was over 20" wide and tall and heavy. I couldn't get a point count but he was at least a 10 with kickers. Possibly a 12. I put him anywhere from 160"-180". At 6:20 he is 48 yards away and he stops and nibbles on some oak scrub brush. Then the dreaded thing happened. The wind shifted and was now out of the west blowing right towards the buck. I was amazed at how as soon as it shifted his nose went immediately up in the air and he turned and bounded away. He didn't go busting out of there like gang busters it was just a nice slow trot. So, this was #1 encounter with a big boy this year. I know there are better days ahead. I also know on the 2 area's I hunt in there are several bucks that go 150"-180". I believe this may be the first year I crack that 150" mark. My best is a 145".

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