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Nice buck Dave.

It's been a slow start to our season in VA. I hunted the opener on 10/5 in the morning until 10 a.m. and didn't see a deer. This spot is usually good for 6-10 deer per sit in the morning and usually 1 or 2 are bucks. Our acorn crop is non-existent this year and the deer aren't feeding through on the way to their bedding area.

I next hunted the evening of 10/8, but was late getting into the woods and deer were already in the fields when I got there. Bumped a couple getting to my stand and coming out, but nothing while in the stand.

Saturday 10/12 was raining all morning and I didn't see anything.

Yesterday I saw 2 does in the morning and shot the second one.

I got her skinned and quartered and put her in the freezer and went back out in the afternoon. I ended up missing a doe with my recurve and then shooting a different doe a little later with my compound. Ended up seeing 7 does yesterday and a small buck.
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