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Acckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...................missed a doe at 48 yards lastnight and before anyone ask, yes I am confident shooting out to 60. She duck the arrow big time.

I went out before the rain started today and shot 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards to verify my bow. Dead on at all ranges, now to the bad part..............for some reason my Wildgame range finder is ranging 8 yards high...........doh. Verified this at each target after shooting and pacing off each distance.

Replaced the battery thinking maybe the battery was going bad and it still ranges a 8 yard difference. Last night when I saw the doe coming and ranged the tree she would pass by I had a hard time getting the range finder to activate, had to hit the button like 5 times. I guess the cheap range finder I bought 4 years ago is finally giving out. Going to Dicks Sporting goods after dinner to get me a Scout 1000 or something similar.

Thank goodness that doe was not one of my target bucks or I would be really upset right now)))))

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