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Talk about an up and down last few days. Saw nothing Thur am until I went out to pull cameras after lunch, jumped a doe at the first camera. Went to the second camera, but it wasn't there - stolen. Went to the third hoping they missed it and I got pics of them but no luck. Friday saw nothing other than one I jumped on the way out from my morning hunt. Saw nothing Sat morning, came out when the rain started around 9:30. It quit around 11 so went out with my buddy to check on his rifle stand. Once repairs were done, went back out. I literally just sit down in my ladder stand, don't even have an arrow knocked and I see a monster tearing the crap out of a tree out in front of me. Didn't dare try for my binos to check him out, but could tell he had over a 20" spread. He worked that tree for awhile, then started away from me. Tried the grunt tube and stopped him but he wouldn't come any closer. After he worked up the hill out of sight, tried hitting the horns together lightly but nothing. Hunted the same stand Sunday am until 1pm seeing nothing but a couple spikes that got spooked by my decoy and 1 turkey. Went to investigate the area a bit more and I think I found his rub line and have a different tree picked out for my climber for next time. I'm headed back Wed night to try it again.
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