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I only can get a few to upload im not sure why. I will post more. I am Texas Landowner and I dont get serious here in Texas till after Thanksgiving. Here is few deer from my Texas farm. I will post more but for some reason the other 7 pictures are giving me an error when I try to upload them on I will be hunting my Kansas ground oct 9-14 and Nov 3-11. I have two cameras that have been on that property since July with with Trophy Rock on them. I'm hoping to see some giants there. Ill will post the others soon as I can thanks. Sorry for the qualiy. I run two cameras on my Texas properties which are 22 miles out side of town. So I take my laptop with me and snap the photo with my Iphone so I can leave the card with the camera and not have to drive out so many times. Call me cheap but those cards are add up. Also I know some of you dont like feeding but in Texas its legal and not hunting but we dont have the food like midwest. Thats why I love hunting Kansas. I learn to set up stands on natural funnels and pinch points. Enjoy

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