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There are a lot of diffent terrorist groups in the world- covered for & backed by -supplied/armed( trained etc etc many diffent countrys( and other like groups(that have - anti US/anti western intrests)- nkorea would just be one of them-(possibilitys-( one of many)...(innerconnected one might say)
( just a quick pull up of a story on my part- as a example)

This one story downplays the commie chinese & the ruski roles in it all & only lists some of the terrorist groups( or countrys that help various terrorists groups) involed imo.

The various medias etc also downplays the rol-e iran ,Syria, nkorea & the commies(Russia& china) etc role in these things to( but that dosnt really mean- I think that they all work for these groups or countrys directly... ( this story is also a example of that imo)

NKorea’s Weapon Deals: Middle East, Cuba, Africa, Burma
North Korea has a long history of aggressively buying, marketing and selling arms around the world, especially in developing countries in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. Much of that business was in sales of short- and medium-range missiles ...

And it goes on and on and on and on and on with just a simple Google search.

This is the best solution i have found but it does not stop him from habitually bumping his posts....... This message is hidden because katsung47 is on your ignore list.
Yep I noticed that lol- im not sure how to do the msg thing but its ok- but thanks for that tip just in case I want to someday. ( I just tend to greatly overlook most of what kat has to say- seems to work ok for the most part for me)
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