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Redfield Revolution 2x7x33, preferably without the Accurange. I still have two, one is on my 54-120 Brush Gun and the other is on my ULA. It fits the Knight DISC action very well and offers a nice amount of eye relief. Both of mine are Accurange, IMO its less cluttered than the Nikon BDC but more "cluttered" than the Burris.

I actually like the Burris FFII a tiny bit better (at the current pricing) but the eye relief is not as good. When i bought my Revolutions they were about $150 which was a steal IMO.

I also have a older Nikon Omega 3x9x40 BDC 250 which is similar to the Nikon XR. It also fits the Knight action pretty good but i really don't like the BDC. Otherwise its a very nice scope for the Knights. You may not like the 5" of eye relief though.

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