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Default Help deciding on a scope

I finally got some cash together to get a new scope for my Disc Extreme. Iím currently using a 2-7X Vortex Viper that I borrowed from my .308 Sako. Whether the Knight keeps the Viper or it goes back on the Sako and I get something new for the Extreme, I need a new scope and my choice will either be another 2-7X (I really like the size of these for my hunting) or a 3-9X. Some factors to consider are durability, optic quality, decent eye relief (but not too much at the expense of field of view) and warranty/customer service. Price range has a hard ceiling of $250.

One final requirement Ė the scope has to come from Cabelas as I have a $100 gift card that is part of my allowable budget. I know this limits my choices.

I am happy to go to the maximum $$ in my budget provided itís money well spent. What I can see in my range:

Bushnell Trophy XLT (3-9) - $139-$169, depending on reticule
Redfield Revenge (2-7, 3-9) - $139-$179
Nikon ProStaff (2-7, 3-9) - $149-$179
Burris Fullfield II (2-7, 3-9) - $149-$199
Bushnell Trophy DOA Muzzleloader (3-9) - $169
Redfield Revolution (2-7, 3-9) - $179-$249
Vortex Diamondback (3-9) - $189-$199
Nikon Inline XR Muzzleloader (3-9) - $199-$219
Bushnell Legend Ultra HD (3-9) - $199-$249
Burris Fullfield E1 (2-7, 3-9) - $199-$249
Leupold VX-1 (2-7, 3-9) - $209-$229

So what should I get? Please donít suggest I save up to get something just a little out of my price limit, any other money I ďput asideĒ will go towards other stuff.

One last question as I am in no particular hurry to pick up the scope. Is there a time of year that Cabelas has the best prices/close-outs? Donít think I can wait till the end of next season but if thatís the best time, I might try to stay strong.
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